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​​​​​​10th Annual Global Multicultural Concert

Rev. Kevin Waldrop
Shina  Hui


Rev. Solaiman Ishak 
Intercessory Prayer Director 

Rev. Laurian Lazarescu
Rev. Joon Choi

Program coordinator

Nola Boyd
Sherri Titus
Okhyun   Jung​

Promoting coordinator

Rev. Daniel Cheng
Rev. Fenia P. Mundisugih​
Event Director

Derick Hall
Risna Ishak

Music Director

Rev. Orlando Y. Miriam Cerna
Rev. Rig Galvez​
Media Director


Global International Missions Presents

Sunday, May 7th, 2017     6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Hosted by Saint Matthew Lutheran Church 
399 Wiget Lane, Walnut Creek, CA 94598
-Senior  Pastor Rev. Kevin Murphy

The public is invited to enjoy an evening of music and worship that celebrates the goodness of God and the beautiful diversity of God's people.

This colorful concert features praise choirs, worship bands, children's choirs and dance teams from many of the cultures represented in the Bay Area and beyond! Included are Burmese and Indonesian Bamboo, African-American wonderful  gospel choirs, European and Romanian Praise Lamb Missionary Men's Choir, Russia, Messianic Jews,  Hungarian Praise, Vietnam,Praise, Korean  Chroma- Harp and Choir, Taiwan, China, Japanese Children's Choir, Hispanic Union Band, Song, & Harp; as well as Pacific Islanders with Hawaiian and Pacific Island cultural backgrounds. They are all from many different churches and traditions, coming together to pour out their hearts in this performance for His glory.  The All Nations choir and praise team will sing together for Revival  of our Nations.

The entire group will perform "Amazing Grace" and "God Bless America" on the stage as the finale for Revival of our Nations.  The message of hope and spiritual strength comes clearly through the music, the message, and the spirit of this unique and inspiring gathering. This gift is for all of us!

The concert is free, donations are accepted. The vision of Global International Missions (GIM) is to expedite effective and fruitful world mission endeavors and evangelism through the concerted efforts of all missions-minded churches in America and to contribute to the continuous revival of the multicultural Body of Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit."

The Chair of this Global vision gathering is Pastor Paul Y. Chung.  He extends an invitation to attend this colorful and unifying Sunday evening  event to all Christians from all backgrounds and all others who are eager to experience God’s love and to join in friendship, conversation and prayer for a world in great need right now.
Furthermore, Global International Missions exists to fulfill the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20) given by our Lord. We seek to do this by reaching out to lost souls of every culture and every generation everywhere in the world, by helping hurting people by ministering to their personal needs, and by passing out God's Word to everyone who is spiritually hungry. As we go, we seek to be intentional in connecting with each person Christ commands us to reach."

See you there,

In His Grace,

​Rev. Paul Yoonmyung. Chung 
Founder &President of Global International Missions

Rev.  Steve Willhite
Rev.  Laurian Lazarescu

Rev.   Kevin Waldrop​
Program Director