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Rev. Daniel Cheng
Rev. Lars Knutsen
Event Director

Rev. Solaiman Ishak 
Rev. Joe Halter 
Intercessory Prayer Director 

Rev. Finina P. Muidisugih
Rev. Rig Galvez​
Media Director

Rev. Laurian Lazarescu
Rev. Orlando Y. Miriam Cerna​
Program coordinator

Sami   Prelipceanu
Derrick Hall​
Music Director

Rev. Tony Lolong
Rev. Joon Choi

Program Editor

Sherri Titus
Percy Mueda

Promoting Coordinator

Rev. Doug Stevens
Dr. Faith Kim
Dr. Kevin Murphy

Panel Moderator 

​​​​​​2019 Global International Missions Rally

                                           Global International Missions Presents

Sat., Sep. 14th * 10 :00 am - 1:00 pm

     Sun., Sep. 15th * 5 :00 pm - 7:00 pm

Hosted by Foxworthy Baptist Church 
     1774 Foxworthy Ave, San Jose, CA 95124

Senior Pastor  Don Fugate

The  15th Annual Global International Missions Rally will be held on Saturday, Sep 14, from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm and on Saturday and Sunday, Sep 15th, from 5:00pm - 7 :00 pm. This exciting International and Inter-Denominational Mission's Rally will be hosted and held at 1774 Foxworthy Ave, San Jose, CA 95124 . Featured at this event will be a "Revive our Nation" prayer chain uniting local preachers and ministry leaders in prayer, a mission panel, choirs, mission reports, message , invitation and music groups from a wide variety of nationalities and congregations. Participants have included persons from Eastern Europe, Africa, America, China, Korea, Indonesia, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines,  Myanmar, Vietnam, Mongolia, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Haiti, Samoa, Pacific-Islands, Russia, the Middle-East, Israel, Iran, Latin-America, Romania, Australia, and others.

This year’s theme will be " Declare His glory among the nations " (Psalm 96:3)
Also, the mission panel theme will be "....Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free ."   (John 8: 32)

Special guest speakers for this 2019 Mission's rally will include Dr. Rick Durst, Dr. Don Fugate, Nancy Ortberg,  Dr. Kevin Waldrop,   Rev. Bob Spurlock, Dr. Michael Wilson,Rev. Daniel Cheng, Rev. Tony Lolong ,Rev. Joe Halter, Rev. Steve Willhite , Rev. Kamil Navai, Rev. Finina Mundisugih, Rev. Orlando Cerna,   Rev. Solomon Ishak ,  Dr. Latt Yishey, Rev. Paul Chung, Rev. Sugi Hendric, Rev. Otgonbaatar Ochir,  Rev. Masresha Mekennon, Rev. Seok  Oh, Rev. Lesli Wong,  Michael Wang, and other Bay Area ministers. These guest speakers were selected specifically because of their love for people and their desire to spread the "Good News" that brings hope and Life giving to a lost and dying world!

This is the schedule of events:  Saturday, Dr. Leroy Gainey, Chair professor  of the Gate  Way Theological Seminary, will be the keynote speaker. Panel moderator will be Dr. Kevin Murphy of Fuller Theological Seminary. This year’s rally will also feature updated reports from various global mission fields, and will include an international panel to discuss and highlight hot spots around the globe which need special attention and prayer.

The chair of this global vision gathering is Pastor Paul YoonMyung  Chung. He extends an invitation to attend this colorful and unifying two-day event to all  Evangelical Christians from various backgrounds of worship, understanding, and prayer.

The whole world is in great peril and needs spiritual intervention right now!  If you are eager to experience God’s presence, unity, and fellowship then come join hands with other Christians as we pray with one voice for revival, healing and strength.
The mission of Global International Missions is the furtherance of world missions by bringing the multicultural Body of Christ together through joint mission rallies, musical concerts, intercessory prayer, panels, conferences, and other events in order to foster understanding and cooperation within the multicultural and missions-minded church community for the Revival of our Nations.

See you there,

In His Grace,
- Rev. Paul Yoonmyung. Chung 
Founder &President of Global International Missions

Rev.   Kevin Waldrop
Rev.   Steve Whillite 
Rev.   Doug McCoy

Program Director