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                                           Global International Missions Presents



                             UNION PRAYER CONFERENCE

Sunday Evening 

March. 28th @ 5:00pm - 7:00 pm

Virtual Conference  on Vimeo

​​   Hosted by First Burmese Baptist Church of S.F. 
  310 Ottilia Street, Daily City, CA 94014
Senior Pastor Rev. Dr.  Yishey Latt

The  14th Annual All Nations Intercessory Union Prayer conference will be Virtually held  Sunday, March 28,  at 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm.  

    This exciting International and Inter-Denominational Prayer conference virtually will be held at First Burmese Baptist Church  at 310 Ottilia Street, Daly City,  94014 .

   Featured at this virtually  event will be a "Revive our Nation" prayer of Unity as local pastors and ministry leaders from each nation in prayer, America Prayer Topics  12  for Repentance and Revival America , Ministry leaders with people and   prayer and presentation groups from a wide variety of nationalities and congregations including  virtually participants  from Africa, America, Myanmar, Korean Peninsular, China, Nepal, Kenya, Ethiopia, Japan ,Indonesia, Filipino, Pakistan, Pacific-Island, Eastern Europe, Russia, Taiwan,Hong-Kong, Middle-East, South- East, Israel, Iran, Latin-America .

 They will virtually present with Video   as  Intercessory prayer  issue for Revival   of all  nations with  message ,special remarks, praise and  will have unity  prayer  as one voice prayer for Revival of our Nations. 

 The chair of this global vision gathering is Pastor Paul YoonMyung  Chung.  He extends an invitation to watch this colorful and unifying virtual event to all Christians from various backgrounds of worship and prayer .

 The mission of Global International Missions is the furtherance of world missions by bringing the multicultural Body of Christ together through joint mission rallies, musical concerts, intercessory prayer, panels, conferences, and other events in order to foster understanding and cooperation within the multicultural and missions-minded church community for Revival of our Nations.

See you there at on Vimeo

 In His Grace,
- Rev. Paul Yoonmyung. Chung 
Founder &President of Global International Missions